Boston Mills 2017  Merit Award

Boston Mills 2017  Merit Award

Here's Jane!

Boston Mills 2017  Merit Award

Jane's Story

Jane's work can be found in

St. Augustine, Florida

Sea Spirits Gallery

‚Äč210 George St. C2


Jane Slivka transplanted to beautiful Mount Dora, Florida in 2004. Originally from Ohio, she often dreamed of the ocean and wrote poems about the scenes she now creates for all of us to enjoy. Jane's paintings, normally on oversized canvases, take onlookers through a journey of layered acrylic paints to discover a world beyond what any camera could capture.

Originally, Jane mastered the artistry of watercolor while she attended Endicott Junior College in Boston, Massachusetts. She later graduated from Ohio University with a degree in Art Education. Studying for a semester in Florence, Italy, she gleaned much inspiration from the richness of the historical art and gorgeous landscapes.

One day, Jane decided to try acrylics, and she felt absolutely liberated by the strong colors and ability to layer thick textures of paint! From that moment forward she has been exploring, teaching, and motivating others to express artistically through painting with acrylics.

Jane Slivka now discovers new inspirations for her portfolio every day at the beaches in sunny Florida, from her love of people and culture, and through the play of shadow and light on old buildings. A truly gifted artist, she brings paint to life with ease and elegance. For the latest off the easel, come visit her at her studio gallery in historic downtown Mount Dora, Florida! 

You can also find Jane's work at the Marietta Museum of Art & Whimsy in Sarasota, Florida. For more information, visit the website at