Path to the Sea 30x30  500.00

Still Life with Wine  30x30  500.00

Michigan Path  36x48    1,200.00

Pink House in the Bahamas


St. Michaels Day  24x30  350.00

Sailing Day...24x30 


Wine and Cheese  30x30   500.00.

House by the Sea  30x30  500.00​

​Fishing Day  24x30   400.00

Laundry Day  48x48   1,200.00

Thunder Bell  36x48  1,200.00

My love of people and life magically reveals itself on canvases that simply burst of colors and light. An original Jane Slivka is sure to brighten every venue and occasion. Here are some of my paintings that are available for purchase. 

Custom Art by Jane Slivka

Seaside Living  24x30   350.00


Due to the Covid-19 and how our world is upside down I am going to keep my paintings up to date on this website and have them available for my customers at a   very fair price.  We will be willing to deliver the over-size paintings.